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Hotel Channel Manager

The channel management system is in place to handle your bookings simultaneously being made through different online travel portals.

  • Simplified entering the inventory on various OTAs
  • Simplified accessing the Booking details received from various OTAs

Manage & Maximize Your Presence across Multiple OTA Channels:

Our Chanel Manager System provides a fully-integrated, Channel Management Solution. It is versatile, relevant for any size, scale or type of Hotel Property.

Why do we use a 2-way Sync Mechanism?

Our Channel Manager has a 2-way sync mechanism through which you can simultaneously feed your room nights across multiple channels with the assurance that rates/packages are being fed accurately.

Live Inventory and Rates are auto managed and auto synced across OTA channels. When a booking is created or cancelled by any of the connected OTA, our channel Manager automatically does a sync across all the channels and updates the relevant information to avoid any double booking; where as it ensures there is no less booking.